Longford Based Commercial Repairs and Services



Here Are Some Of The Services We Offer:

  • Service and repair of all heavy and light commercials.
  • 24 hr road-side assistance and recovery.
  • Fleet maintenance can be arranged including preventative maintenance.
  • D.O.E. Preparation, Wheel alignment, Focus Lights.
  • Specialist in tail lift repair, carry large stock of Dhollandia and Zepro parts, Hydraulic pipes made to measure.
  • We carry large stock of truck and trailer and car parts from all manufacturers.
  • Most bushings can be made on site as we have specialised equipment.
  • Welding repairs available.
  • Diagnostics equipment enables us to find faults quickly, therefore labour costs are down and your vehicle is back on the road as quick as possible. All our mechanics are trained in the use of diagnostics.
  • Bus and Truck Diagnostics for all Heavy goods.
  • Mobile diagnostic equipment for modern day vehicle electronic problems, once connected to the vehicle a large range of faults can be detected, it will read live and memory error codes stored in the vehicle ECU. Error codes can be deleted.
  • We have specialist Mercedes Diagnostic equipment for all models of Mercedes, ranging from heavy goods right down to cars.
  • Jeeps, Cars and Vans: Diagnostics for all models, 39 manufacturers. This diagnostics enables us to run diagnostics on all systems, engine management, ABS, air bags, instrumental panel, air conditioning, gearbox, immobiliser system. It reads and erases diagnostic trouble codes. It will automatically scan the ECU.
  • All major credit cards accepted